I’m surprised how little the fandom seems to discuss Peeta’s abuse. To me, his childhood with an abusive parent influences his decisions as much as Katniss’ childhood with an invisible parent. Katniss had to kill to survive, to become the parent and feed her family. Killing is about survival. For Peeta, as the victim of abuse, violence is a last resort. It’s the reason he made it through two arenas with his hands mostly clean. Katniss views his pacifism as a sign that he’s just deep-down better than most people, but it can easily be tied to a childhood of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of a woman who was supposed to protect him from harm. It explains his role as both pacifist and protector.
bigbigbigday006 wrote this under one of her doodles, and I fell in love with the thought put into this. I agree whole-heartedly.  (via tweetleweed)

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Sorry for the interruption guys but, as seeking-adventure-flying-high noticed and told me, you can see that Simon throws the knive away as he jumps… I don’t know if it’s important or not but, whoever Simon is chasing, it looks like he changed his mind.

We know at this point he’s fighting Gary, so I think Gary tells him he’s given Kieren the blue oblivion pills that Kieren took from Simons room early. And then Simon realising Kieren is in trouble realises himself he can never kill him so runs to the graveyard in an attempt to save Kieren. Abandoning his religion in one desperate moment and realising that he really does love Kieren